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The average failure rate for a tape backup is 100% – ALL tape backups fail at some point in time. Many business’s, unfortunately, learn this the hard way, but that fact is data loss is absolutely preventable with the right technology. Which is why we developed IRON GATE – a backup and disaster recovery solution that gives you the confidence to know that your data really is protected.

Every business should have 2 methods of backup for redundancy. IRON GATE is a combination onsite and offsite solution.

Onsite backups run every 15 minutes, giving you instant access to your data and protection from accidental file, email or folder deletes while decreasing your risk of data loss to a matter of minutes – WITHOUT slowing down your network. Plus it will even keep your business running in the event of a server outage.

Offsite backups protect you in the event that your onsite solution is destroyed or stolen – WITH quick access to your data (shipped overnight) in a format that is usable immediately.

Our Promise:

Your backups work, automatically. And even more importantly, your restores (whether it be a file, email, folder, or entire server) work, everytime. All businesses backup – it’s crucial in our technology driven world. However, we often find that backups don’t work properly and haven’t for MONTHS! And even with a successful backup, recovering data can take days.

We promise that when the disaster happens, your data will be protected and will be easily accessible. We’re so confident you will love our service that we offer a money-back guarantee.

Our (no asterisk) Guarantee

  • We provide the most complete, fully managed data protection solution, guaranteed to give you peace of mind that your backups and restores will work every time.
  • We guarantee that you will be ecstatic with our services and the protection of your data, but if you’re not, simply let us know if the first 90 days and we’ll immediately refund your money. No guilt and no questions asked. We only require that our on-site device be returned to us damage-free.