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5 ways to spot email frauds and scams

Email has become the main communication medium for companies and the public alike, as it’s just so much easier and faster than writing a letter or even making a phone call. Unfortunately, email has also made it easier to commit crimes like fraud. It can be hard to detect a fraudulent company or email, but […]

Tech support calling? It may be a scam

Security of business systems and networks is often top of mind for many enterprise owners and managers. As many bosses use Microsoft Windows systems, hackers and other criminals often go after businesses using these systems. One scam involves people masquerading as Windows tech-support in the hopes of tricking users into giving up their credit card […]

Beware of Facebook Scams

As the worldwide use of Facebook continues to grow, more and more scams are appearing on the popular social networking website. Using promos, “interesting” links and all other sorts of strategies to trap you, a grain of salt is always needed when dealing with things outside of what Facebook offers. As more and more people […]