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Reducing desktop clutter

Have you ever gone to talk with a colleague and gotten a look at their computer’s desktop only to notice that they have files, apps, and folders strewn about in a seemingly random fashion? Or maybe you are guilty of a cluttered desktop. Many people tend to have somewhat unorganized desktops, especially if they have […]

Windows 8.1 updates tile interface

The instantly recognizable tile interface of Windows 8 is here to stay, with Microsoft keeping it’s innovative touch screen style for update Windows 8.1. Much like Apple with OS X, Microsoft are now introducing a schedule of yearly updates. For the latest OS update, the new features are tweaks and added extras, rather than an […]

Windows 8 to get update to 8.1

In October 2012, Microsoft released the newest version of their popular operating system (OS) – Windows 8. Microsoft has traditionally had a long break between releasing different operating system versions, but with the launch of Windows 8, the company stated that there would be new versions every year. At the end of May, 2013, Windows […]